Done in conjunction with the drummer's 50th birthday, Steven Adler built the collection over the course of 12 months in Los Angeles with art team SceneFour.  The artwork featured in "50" focuses on Adler's most acclaimed rhythms, bringing them from sound to sight. 

Constructed through the new medium of rhythm-on-canvas, Adler utilized drumsticks that light in a variety of ways to dictate the visuals featured within each piece of "50".  An extensive process, the rhythm-on-canvas process involves capturing rhythm through the manipulation of light, time and space.  Once captured, the work is taken to a studio in downtown Los Angeles where the drummer and art team SceneFour studied and worked with the colors, vectors and strokes to bring forth the abstract nature found within Adler's rhythms.  After the process is completed, Steven selected 14 works to comprise the collection, each available in small editions.  

All of the pieces in "50" are numbered and individually signed.  Each made available to collector's worldwide exclusively at
Steven Adler is one of the most recognizable figures in rock history.  As the founding drummer of Guns N' Roses, Adler has toured the world, sold tens of millions of records, and is a part of the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.  His influence on countless drummers is undeniable as is his unmistakable swing that provided the backdrop to some of hard rock's most revered songs and arguably the most acclaimed album of a genre, "Appetite for Destruction."

Adler, currently resides in Los Angeles, where he has become a best selling author, as well as the leader of rock bands Adler's Appetite and Adler that continue to tour worldwide.